The Team

Our Mission

Meet the Team

Our team is made of people who are genuinely passionate about the work they do. Each team member brings their unique expertise and commitment to excellence, ensuring that every project is a collaborative effort. With a deep understanding of the nuances that make a house a home, our team strives to create great spaces for living. By prioritizing communication, we work together to turn your ideas into reality, while maintaining a client-focused approach.

Toby Wells


Toby has been working in Wells & Company since he could hold a hammer. As the main point of contact, he oversees all aspects of the business and ensures the progress of each project.

Linnette Belfort

Operations Manager

Linnette keeps all aspects of the office running. She coordinates the paperwork, business with suppliers and subcontractors, and all the details behind the scenes that helps keep the projects on track.

Anthony ‘Tony’ DeAmelio

Lead Carpenter

Tony is a skilled lead carpenter. He focuses on the craft of construction, runs the day to day operations, and keeps the work moving on site.

Michael Wells


Michael founded Wells & Company in 1978, establishing a company centered around the core values of quality, value, craft and community. Today, we continue to embody and uphold these values, building upon the strong foundation that Michael created.